Birth Workers in Action

Birth Workers in Action

Birth Workers in Action Birth Workers in Action Birth Workers in Action


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Our Mission

Midwifery care is holistic, healing, and humanistic. It has a rich herstory and legacy in communities of color. 

Our vision is to make this care accessible to all peoples- especially Black, Brown, youth, immigrant, indigenous, LGBTQ+, low- income and other marginalized communities. 

Our mission is to expand Birth Justice by using story telling, popular education, and community organizing to improve access to midwifery and doula care.

What We Do



Doula Training


SBJN organizes Black midwives and student midwives with the goal to have a representative voice at the national level that clearly outlines and supports the various needs and interests of Black midwives.



Doula Training


SBJN offers educational workshops and trainings in the areas of

preconception, family planning, abortion, miscarriage services, maternal health, family rights, and nutrition.


Doula Training

Doula Training

Doula Training

SBJN offers a doula certification training that focuses on reducing health disparities, hands on comfort measures, and advocacy skills to support clients through pregnancy and birth. 

Recent Work

SBJN presents an overview of the History of Black Midwifery Timeline at the Black & Brown Womxn at the Center: RJ 101 Workshop.   Executive Director, Jamarah Amani speaks on the life and legacy of ancestor Midwives and how their work became a precursor to Reproductive Justice as we experience it today.  

Mama's Day Dinner


Black Mama's Are Trailblazers

SBJN hosted its annual Mama's Day Dinner, an extension of the National Mama's Day Celebration created by Forward Together.  This year's dinner offered a festive gathering at Little Haiti Cultural Center where families convened on Friday May 10th to offer tribute to the cornerstones of the community; our mothers.

Building Community Saves Lives!

Midwives, Doulas, Elders and Families all standing up for the lives of Black Mamas and Babies. 

Circle of Mamas

Circle of Mamas is a childbirth education series to build with and inform teen mothers and parents of their rights during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.  Students have access to free holistic doula support. Learn more.

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